The tournament

The tournament will be played according to the Swiss System in 11 rounds. Only FIDE ratings will be used for the pairings.

The FIDE time control is 90 minutes for the first 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game, with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting from the 1st move.

No draw offers are allowed before move 30. All other regulations apply as per FIDE Handbook, including 15 minutes default time.

Tie-breaks: If two are more players are tied, the following tiebreaks will be used a) Results of direct encounters between the tied players ( applies only if all tied players have played each other), b) Buccholz Cut 1, c) Buccholz, d) The greater number of games played with black, e) The Greater number of wins.

The winner of the 2017 World Junior Championship u20 (open/boys) receives the GM title.

The winner of the 2017 World Girl Junior Championship u20 receives the WGM title.

The silver and bronze medalists of both categories (open/boys u20 and girls’ u20) receive the IM and WIM titles respectively.

GM and IM norms are also possible for the other players based on their performance and their opponent’s titles/ratings as per FIDE Handbook requirements.

All players and arbiters will be given diplomas for participation.

Top three places in every category will be awarded with trophies and medals and money prizes of Approx. 9,500 Euros. Prizes will be paid by Bank Transfer or PayPal money transfer according to National laws on sport payments and awards. (No tax will be deducted)

Appeals & Appeals Committee

Protests against decisions of the Chief Arbiter or his assistants must be submitted in written form to the Chairman of the appeals committee within 30 minutes after the completion of the respective game. The protest must be accompanied with the sum of 200 € as a deposit from the signatory. The deposit must be handed to the Chairman of the appeals committee. If the appeal is granted, the sum shall be returned immediately. If the appeal is refused, the deposit is forfeited to the FIDE.

Appeals Committee will be announced later.

FIDE Technical Officials

The Chief Arbiter will be announced later

FIDE Technical Delegate will be announced later.




ACCOUNT: Accademia Internazionale di Scacchi

BANK: Banca Popolare di Spoleto – sportello di Deruta – (PG)


IBAN: IT79 M057 0438 4200 0000 0006 205