Best Moves is the first international project which deepens how, through the chess metaphor, it is possible to ease the learning and the development of strategic skills for business managing purposes

A brand new perspective, completely different from the traditional learning programs.

Top Management (CEO, CFO, CIO, COO), Middle Management ,professionals, project managers, team leaders, sales, operatives.

Chess, as much as business, it is still an “unsolved game”, which means that no one can calculate all the possible moves.

The ability to reach the success has to be found in players’ intelligence and their way to interpret game strategies. Several studies have shown how similar chess Grand Masters and top managers’ abilities are.

The program is structured in 9 workshops “move=skill”. But it is possible to customize the workshop on specific need.

The “learning by doing” principle is the common base of every workshop. Every class is structured to involve the audience and guide it to an active participation.

The cognitive aspect is of course of great importance as it is led to change the operative behaviour. Indeed it is essential not only to understand what it is important, but also how to use personal skills.

Participants are involved in both individual and group exercises, case studies and experiential spaces followed by guided discussion and activities whose aim is to make the learning process active, pleasant and satisfying.

It is absolutely not necessary. During the workshop there is always an introduction and a short lesson (30 minutes approximately) to teach everyone how to play chess.